Buddy Program

SISU MBA has launched a buddy program for the exchange students. Aim at helping them to adapt to Chinese local environment and make new friends. This program is launched based on the voluntary basis. However, all participants should be willing to take up the following principles: mutual respect, equality, mutual benefit and peaceful coexistence. 
1. Provide personal contact, such email address, skype or WeChat account to your partners;
2. Keep in touch with each other and meet each other regularly;
3. Linguistic support;
4. Cultural guidance;
For Chinese Buddy:
1. Help your buddy when they are in emergency;
2. Provide useful information, such as the country & city’ introduction, local transportation, accommodation etc.
For International Buddy:
1. Contact your buddy initiatively;
2. Respect your buddy and totally understand that sometimes your buddy can’t help you because of the busy study /work;
3. Do not hesitant to help your buddy when they are in difficult. 
Please note:
Both sides undertake to facilitate further cultural exchanges;
Both sides committed themselves to settle the conflict peacefully.
Let's both try not to default on our commitments!
Tel: +86 21 3537 3308
No. 550, Dalian Road(W), Hongkou District
Room 205, Building 6, Shanghai International Studies University
Postal code: 200083