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Mentor-Mentee Program

Program introduction
Mentor-Mentee(hereafter shortened as M2)is a career development program jointly created by SISU MBA center and enterprises to build an effective bridge between SISU MBA students (Mentees-students) and professional coaches (Mentors- supervisors).
SISU MBA students can: 
 ● increase self awareness and have clearer career development goals;
 ● seek professional career development advice from supervisors;
 ● increase personal leadership and self management ability with supervisors’ help;
 ● obtain a deep understanding of different industries and accumulate more social connection. 
Supervisors can:
 ● realize self values through making contribution to education and society;
 ● get the opportunity to know the needs of young talents; 
 ● improve training and coaching skills.
Mentor’s responsibilities 
Each mentor is responsible for four mentees, and spends an average of four hours on each mentee. Supervisors and students can communicate through regular meetings, phone calls and emails etc. 
Mentors can provide following help to mentees: 
 ● sharing their knowledge in career planning
 ● sharing their knowledge and experience in relevant fields/functions
 ● giving suggestions and guidance to students about career development
 ● recommending good books about a certain field and leadership building. 
Mentee’s Responsibilities
 ● promise and take real action to spend time and energy on this program
 ● each student is under the guidance of one supervisor
 ● students should submit applications in which their expectations should be stated
 ● students are encouraged to maintain a regular contact with their supervisors
 ● students should make feedbacks on the M2 program and provide feedback on the mentors at mid-term and final reviews 
 ● student should work with M2 coordinators on questionnaires and make summary reports at the end of the program. 
Mentors’ Profile
Program Execution Agenda
Program kick off----June
Program Promotion
Beginning of June
Program Opening & the first meeting
between mentors and mentees before Mentor-Mentee matching
June 9th
Student making application
June 9th – June 23rd
Supervisors making selection
June 24th – June 29th
Announcement of Mentor-Mentee matching result
June 30th
Program execution----July to December
Mentor giving guidance and training to mentees
Beginning of July to the end of December
Program mid-term review
End of September
Program closure----Next January and next June
Program closure and experience sharing
Next January
Program tracking feedback
End of next June
Mentor and Mentees’ Words 
Such good results are amazing.
Wei wei has been named as “Chinese business elite” and “female professional model” by many media. She joined McKinsey in 1999, and was selected as a global managing partner in 2004, the first female managing partner in great China in the history of McKinsey. As a SISU alumnus, she is greatly attached to her university, so she introduced M2 program to SISU last year and was a mentor herself in the program, providing professional advices to the mentees. 
She described the half-a-year program a “50-50”process, where 50% is mentors helping mentees to know more about themselves so that they could have a clearer idea of their career development path, and the other 50% is the students’ own improvement. She said: “Through coaching the students’ I have become more patient and I have gained more confidence in becoming a good supervisor.” She said she had a mentee who had worked in the equipment department of a hospital for several years. “The mentee hoped to make new breakthroughs in his career but was confused about what he could do next. After a few times of communication, as an onlooker I helped him to know more about himself from a fresh perspective. Thus he was able to figure out what to do next, which gave both of us a sense of achievement.” 
——Mentor in the first M2  Program       Weiwei
Experience sharing is a way to sort out one’s own experience
Li Zhigang is a mentor in the second M2 program. He joined Heinz in March, 2006 as the marketing director. In Nov. 2008, he was promoted to managing director. He also had worked for Colgate World of Care as marketing director. In his 9 years of job life in Colgate, he started from working in Colgate World of Care Malaysia and was soon promote to important positions in marketing department. 
Li Zhigang said that he hoped to help students to explore themselves in depth, so that they could know what their potential was and could give full play to it in the future. Meanwhile he pointed out that some students might have one-sided views about something, where mentors’ help should come in. What’s more, he said that in his communication with his mentees, he often shared with them his own experience, which not only let the students how others dealt with a certain situation but also was a good process for himself to sort out his past experience. 
—— Mentor in the second M2  program       Li Zhigang
My mentor is a model for me.
Feng Jiayi is a mentee in the first M2program which she thought was “a most meaningful activity”. Mentors gave students very practical advice based on their own experience and she was able to set clear life goals for herself with her mentor’s help. 
Feng Jiayi’s mentor was Wei Wei, and she maintained regular contact with her through phone calls and emails. Each time they made plans for their next meeting. Feng said: “my mentor is a doer. She is sincere, kind and down to earth. She is my model. Each meeting is a precious opportunity which I cherish a lot. She not only gave me good advice but also recommended her connections to me, which helped me a lot in my career. Although the first M2 program ended last year, I still keep in contact with my mentor. I sincerely thank this program, which builds a bridge between students and professional elites.”
——Grade 2010 SISU MBA student       Feng Jiayi
I am able to blaze a new career path
Zeng Yeran is a mentee in this year’s M2 program and his mentor is Li Zhigang, with whom he has communicated for many times since the program started. He told his mentor his confusions in work, and Li gave him many objective suggestions from the perspective of an onlooker. Besides, his mentor shared with him some of his experience at work which was very helpful and inspiring. 
Zenng Yeran commented that Mentor-Mentee program creatively changed the tradition of classroom education and skill training. By building a communication platform for mentors and mentees, Mentor-Mentee program allows students to obtain really useful and precious experience.
——Grade 2011 SISU MBA student       Zeng Yeran
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