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MBA Job Fair

Job Fair Introduction
SISU MBA center holds two MBA Job Fairs every year, one in April and the other in November, which are open to all local MBA programs, in order to build a platform for communication, reinforce the connection between MBA programs in east China, give full play to complementary advantages, and integrate regional resources in addition to improving the cooperation between MBA programs and enterprises. 
In the job fair, companies offer full-time jobs and internships to students through on-site resume collection and interviews. Meanwhile SISU MBA center hopes that this job fair can deepen the communication between students from different programs to further help them in future career development. 
SISU MBA welcomeS companies from each and every industry that need MBA talents, and students from various backgrounds to this career platform, so that both parties can choose what they really need and get the most out of the job fair. 
Companies that have participated 

Three-dimensional drawing of booth             Plan view of the site
Company Registration
There are two SISU MBA Job Fairs each year. Please send the following material to before deadlines. 
●Company introduction, logo and other relevant information
●Position information and specific job description
●Reference person and contact means
●Electronic copy of valid business license (government institutions, associations and public institutions)
●Electronic copy of valid organization code certificate issued by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision
Job Fair Address
You can choose among the following transportation means to SISU:
●Driving : Please enter SISU from its eastern gate (No. 340 East Yi Yu Hui Road) or western gate (No. 189 West Ti Yu Hui Road) and provide us with your car license number in your reply so that we can prepare SISU parking permit in advance.
●Taxi: you can stop at either gate of SISU and walk to Yifu Conference Hall.
●Subway;You can get off at Chifeng Station of Metro Line 3 and get out from Exit 2, and then enter SISU western gate (No. 189 West Ti Yu Hui Road); or you can get off Hongkou Football Stadium Station of Metro Line 8 and get out from Exit 2, and then enter the front door (No. 550 West Dalian Road) of SISU. 

Company and Students’ Words
SISU MBA students boast good English competence and great job adaptation ability.
Zhang Zhenhua, managing director of Morpace Asia-Pacific, said that Morpace thought high of the brand of SISU MBA and needed employees from commercial backgrounds. “We participated in the Second Job Fair this April and will be honored to take part in the forthcoming SISU MBA Job Fair again on Nov. 9th. We received a lot of good-quality resumes last time and after several rounds of interviews, we recruited an intern, whose good command of English and rapid job adaptation ability were very impressive. 
Zhang suggested that students should make some preparation before seeking jobs. There are many available ways to know more about a certain company, including company website where students can know something about the company and specific requirements of available jobs before they go to job fairs.
——Managing director of Morpace Asia-Pacific    Zhang Zhenhua
SISU MBA Center is devoted to providing career development services to students.
Every year, SISU MBA Center holds one job fair in the first half and one in the second half which are both open to all students from MBA programs from Yangtze River Delta Region. Full-time jobs and internships are offered on these fairs. SISU MBA career center aims to build a platform between SISU MBA students and companies and provide career development services to students. Meanwhile, SISU MBA career center invites students from other MBA programs to this fair, so that companies can find the most suitable employees. 
Before going to the job fair, students should “know themselves and others very well to set proper objectives”. To be specific, students should first know in advance the companies and the positions they offer. Then students should prepare their resumes in accordance to job descriptions. Thirdly, students are encouraged to prepare concise self-introductions of lengths of 30 seconds, 1 minute and 3 minutes. Fourthly, students should talk in a confident and professional way during the conversation. Fifthly, students are encouraged to contact with their ideal companies after the job fair if they are offered companies’ contact means. Last but not least, students need to pay attention to their manners of dress and speech. 
Teacher from SISU MBA Career Development Center 
I would like thank SISU MBA Career Development Center for the job fair where I found my dream job.
Bai Yuwang took part in the previous two job fairs. He said companies and job seekers streamed the job fairs, meaning high recognition of young and vigorous SISU MBA students on the part of famous companies. He would like to thank SISU MBA Career Development Center especially for the good-quality platform where he found his ideal job. He said he was doing very well in his company where he could put what he had learned at school into practice. Bai was a full-time MBA student, and at the job fair held last November, he had a very good communication with one company which he further contacted with afterwards and successfully got the position he desired. 
Bai suggested that job seekers should analyze themselves very well to know which companies they were fit for and have a very accurate positioning. Meanwhile he reminded that MBA students were different from undergraduates in that they had some work experience, so during job hunting, MBA students should focus on some fields instead of blindly sending resumes to all sorts of companies. 
——Grade 2010 SISU MBA student    Bai Yuwang
My dream has come true and I am able to work in a different industry from my previous background. 
Xu Yongyan was very grateful to SISU MBA center for the job fair. Xu is from the industry of international trade, and last December, she spotted out a financial company which she was interested in. she had a very good communication with that company and got an interview notice in the following week, and soon she got an offer from that company. She said that participating companies were all mainstream companies which had actual recruitment needs, so she advised students to take part in such activities to get more job opportunities. 
——Grade 2010 SISU MBA student    Xu Yongyan
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