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Sharing Town

Introduction of Sharing Town
Sharing Town is a perfect place to practice your public speech skills and create personal brand.
Upholding SISU MBA’s concept of “borderless management and cross-cultural communication”, Sharing Town of SISU MBA Career Talent focuses on the aspect of work life, emphasizes on sharing of work-related stories , helps students to improve professional EQ, and fosters professional elites. Sharing Town improves students’ understanding of each other by providing an information sharing platform, and helps students to build and manage a career social network. Sharing Town improves value via sharing, and help students to realize their career dreams through collective wisdom.
“It’s not about what you do neither who you know within bragging, it’s all about who knows you!”
Who were the honored guest of Sharing Town? 

Pan Cong
Executive Director of SISU MBA Center

Chen Yu
Writer, Speaker and Former Mayor of Los Angeles

Zhuang Weiyuan
Vice President of Yum! Brands,Inc. China

Shan Qiong
Vice Director of Commercial Banking Department at ANZ Bank (China)

Vickie Sullivan
Member of Female Leadership Board of Directors at Harvard Kennedy School

Dr. Marcia Reynolds
President and Founder of International Coach Federation

Huan Jiayuan
Executive at Mabelle"s
E-Commerce Department

Luo Hong
CEO of Shanghai Yueyue Books Co., Ltd.

Melvain TODEM
Altran CIS
Strategic Management Advisor & Financial Consultant

Liu Jun
CEO and a Founder of YesMyWine 

Zhang Yuanliang 
Business Consultancy Service Manager at Ernst & Young

Yu Lina
Career International Consumer and Retail Headhunting Director

Li Lei
Hostess and Producer of Talk Show "Feng Yan Feng Yu"

Cao Weiqiu
Director and General Manager of Bridges China Dialogue

Edward He
Director of the Shanghai Branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia and Director of Corporate Banking Department

Li Dong
President of Runbon

Liu Guoquan
Intel Global IT Senior Purchasing Manager

Lu Jiukang
Vice President of IKEA Transportation APAC

Zhang Shile
Intel Production Director of Semiconductor (Dalian) Co., Ltd. 

Jiang Yiyun
Assistant Logistics Manager of FENDI (Shanghai)(belongs to LVMH group)

Li Zhihui
Chief Fashion Designer at Shanghai Liudu Trade Yaodian 100

Wu Qianwen
Brand Management and Marketing of Card Products in China

Xiang Xin
Sales Manager of MIELE East China

Introduction of Sharing Town Hosts and Hostesses
Wang Yuhua
English Name: Anne Wang
Year of Enrollment: 2011
Industry: Training and Consultancy
Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius 
Microblog:海上泡泡 Anne 
Self Introduction: After over a decade of service in various companies, I finally found my favorite industry. Previously, I thought if I could be lucky enough to be enrolled by SISU, I would finally be able to enjoy many quiet mornings, and meanwhile I would have resources to improve my English competence to know both China and foreign countries better, which was everything I could dream of. Fortune was with me, and my dream came true. More than that, I was honored to be a Sharing Town host. I cherished the valuable opportunity, did the best I could and the result was very rewarding, just as a Chinese poetic line said: “I went out to search for blossoming plum trees in a heavy snow, and returned happily with joyful memories ” 
Li Yang
English Name: Jenny 
Year of Enrollment: 2011
Industry: Education
Zodiac Signs: Taurus
Microblog: iamjennyli的小屋 
Self introduction: After working in the education industry for four years, I came to SISU, a window where I can overlook a different world. SISU not only gives me management knowledge, but also brings me friends and a broader perspective, and more than anything else, SISU relights my old dream. I still remember Yida asking me about my hobbies while we were talking about career development. At that moment, my love for writing and organizing suddenly flashed back, which introduced me to Sharing Town as an associate host. The effort behind each activity did not only spring from my sense of responsibility for the organization I love, but also from my expectation for myself. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Yuhua and Yida who have taught me so much. I would also extend my warm welcome to you. Where are you and what old dreams did you have? 
Fang Lijun
English name: Yimi Fang
Year of enrollment: 2012
industry: hotel, fashion and luxury
zodiac signs: Sagittarius 
Microblog: 依米方
Self-introduction: I come from Hefei, the hometown of Baozheng. As a Sagittarius,I have a clear idea of what is right and what is wrong, love freedom and like trying new things in life. So I left the hotel which I had been working for and turned to the fashion and luxury industry. The hotel where I worked for four years mainly specialized in high-end governmental and business reception, so I was honored to see the wonderful life of high-ranking officials and entrepreneurs, which motivated me to work harder. “Accidentally”, I came to SISU MBA, and equally accidental is my participation in Sharing Town. This is a platform where you can fully explore your potential and practice yourself, a place where you can meet friends from all walks of life, and a stage where you can share your story with each other…
Wang Jie
English name: JC Wang
Year of Enrollment: 2012
Industry: SAP consultancy
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Microblog: JC_Wang_JC 
Self-introduction: curious, passionate, fashionable, loving making speeches, making friends and loving Sharing Town. I am not an indecisive Virgo. Instead I am a passionate and decisive girl. 

Gu Xiaocan
English name: Vivian Gu
Year of Enrollment: 2012
Industry: Trade
Zodiac Sign: Scorpion
Microblog: mamale16 
Self-introduction: I always believe that human beings are endowed with infinite potentials, so finding my potentials becomes a consistent pursuit for me in my career life. I was hoping to improve my professional skills and management ability when I chose SISU MBA, and now I am in SISU and am so honored to join Sharing Town. I will do all I can to handle all the affairs in Sharing Town for the development of Sharing Town and the career development education for the students. 
Wang Zhongnian
English Name: Nick 
Year of Enrollment: 2012
Industry: Human Resource and logistics
Zodiac Sign: Scorpion
Microblog: 私蹭向施 
Self-introduction: The curious combination of the zodiac sign of scorpion and blood type A makes a unique me. After seven years’ work, I came to SISU MBA and was lucky enough to be a member of Sharing Town family. In the past seven years, I mainly dealt with people at work, sometimes finding the work rewarding and sometimes finding it perplexing. I hoped to be a sharer that can help others, and Sharing Town makes my hope come true. You are welcome to join and share with us to make Sharing Town better and better.

Willing to Share?
Sharing guests, please send your resume to with Email title: Name – sign up for Sharing Town as a sharing guest.
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