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Connect Students

To know more about our SISU MBA Students , you can either getting students' resume books from us or reaching them directly through networking events or recruitment opportunities. We suggest you different ways below to interact with our MBA students.

Accessing Resumes
The resume book will be released every year, it consists of students’ previous work experience, academic background and their career orientation.You could Contact your targeted students directly to learn them more.

Events and Seminars
Conducting seminars or organizing events on campus is a good opportunity to communicate with students face to face and build your brand. The topics of lectures and sharing can be related with contemporary issues, new industrial knowledge and companies’ strategies. The activities could be business competitions and networking parties.

Onsite Company Visits
Onsite company visits offer a way to meet a focused group of students who are interested in your company. It is also a unique opportunity for students to meet with business leaders and experience your culture.

Business Practicum/ Projects
Business Practicum/ Projects provide students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to the real business challenge the company facing.

Under SISU faculty and/or companies’ representatives’ supervision a team of students usually grouped by five to seven works together on a project, doing field studies, work out a report and even carry it out.

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