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Career Resources

Vault Career Intelligence
Vault provides comprehensive resources about career management and career opportunities, including internal intelligence of salary levels, recruitment policies, corporate culture, employers’ profiles and ranking, a message board where users can discuss freely, ask questions and make suggestions, as well as an employment board where employers and recruiters can find information about high-level talents and MBA education.
MBA-Exchange Global MBA Recruitment Information Center is a globally certified website providing new career opportunities to business specialists with MBA degrees. More than 170,000 job seekers have signed up for the website, and it has already established solid relationships with high-quality employers all over the world. Students at and from business schools can enjoy all the services on this website for free.  After logging in, job seekers can:
search for global MBA positions and set up an opportunity alert;
add career profiles and upload personal resumes for employers to read;
participate in online recruitment fairs;
research about employers;
Listen to online radios and watch online videos;
Wetfeet Career Guide
Wetfeet was founded by Stanford MBAs Gary Alpert and Steve Pollock in 1994. It helps to reduce the time spend in hunting for a job by accomplishing some work for you including in-depth research of your field of career, critical analysis and precise writing. This work is done by authorities like career mentors, web specialists, workplace etiquette personnel and personal brand experts to enlighten job seekers on the latest tendencies that may influence their job hunting.
CareerLeader Self-Assessment Center
By allowing you to explore yourself, Careerleader invites you to a journey of “finding the right job”. Careerleader asks who you are, what you want and where you want to go. Developed by a teacher in Harvard Business School, and used by more than 400 companies and universities around the world, specific online self-assessment software enables you to assess your inner interests, professional skills and work/salary value in Careerleader.
Shanghai University Graduates Employment Information Center
Non-Shanghai students can submit applications for employment in Shanghai (household registration and residence certificate), check the process and approval status at this website.
Tel: +86 21 3537 3308
No. 550, Dalian Road(W), Hongkou District
Room 205, Building 6, Shanghai International Studies University
Postal code: 200083