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Student Union

SISU MBA Student Union is an independent organization to serve the interests of the entire MBA. Its mission is to create a better environment for you and SISU MBA, promote SISU MBA brand and build up reputation. The main responsibilities of the Student Union:
To represent the student body to the university and outside world, be responsible for external communication and participate in kinds of competitions;
To organize kinds of activities(such as Opening Ceremony, Welcome Party and Graduation Ceremony;
To offer advice, support and training to general students, such as career coaching, company visits and lectures;
To be responsible for clubs and support club events and activities; and 
To coordinate with various departments, students and other parties.  
SISU MBA Student Union will recruit new members after the freshmen entry to the university and a new round of election will begin in October of the same year. We are looking forward to your participation.
Tel: +86 21 3537 3308
No. 550, Dalian Road(W), Hongkou District
Room 205, Building 6, Shanghai International Studies University
Postal code: 200083