Life on campus is rich and colorful. Your ability to explore lives here will be reinforced in multicultural ways and diverse environments. Besides studying in classroom, you could participate in different conferences and seminars in which you are interested to contact with many new ideas. You can join one of several career-oriented clubs and share your professional experience in Sharing Town. If you are big fans of sports, then join SISU MBA Sports Clubs, and you might get the chance to represent SISU MBA in inter-school matches. If you wish to serve for other students, Student Association and Students Ambassador will provide you a platform, and practice your leadership and management skills. If you want to enhance global experience, immerse yourselves in a different culture, Student Exchange Programme and Overseas Business Study Tour will offer you opportunities to study abroad.
While your experiences in SISU MBA is as various as your interest, personalities and career planning, the MBA journeys proceed along a common series of stages.
You are suggested to plan your study and lives better through understanding your pathway in SISU MBA, you can also refer to other students’ typical day and current students’ perspectives on MBA studies.
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