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The increasing complexity of the global environment demands people who can collaborate with people from all parts of the world, who are knowledgeable of business fundamentals and aware of political and economic influences, who have the courage in rapid changing times, and know how to find solutions to the problems.

Drawing on the strength in over 60 years’ foreign languages and cross-cultural instruction, rich experience in comprehensive talent cultivation, as well as solid and creative platform global talent education, the SISU MBA aims at cultivating a new generation of global elites on the basis of oriental philosophy. These elites are expected to have distinct and sustainable competencies in high proficiency in English, some of them have good command of the second foreign languages; being open-minded, having a high stock of global mindset can navigate cross-cultural issues and understand the nuances of global business; integrating business knowledge with real-world experience and strong compliance with business ethics and professionalism.

Beyond simply offering functional business knowledge, SISU MBA curriculum is designed to develop your global mindset, cross-cultural insights and executive soft skills, prepare you by having you do, decide and create. Our knowledgeable professors, experienced corporate executives and alumni will bring you cutting-edge knowledge and industry practice. Students with diversified backgrounds build up a learning community together to discuss, learn and share with each other through class lectures, consulting projects, activities, clubs and international exchanges.

At SISU MBA, you will experience an exciting journey to change your outlook and prepare your future. We invite you to learn more about us, understand how SISU can help you achieve your desired success by visiting this site, contacting us or participating in our activities.
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